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Get our new Stickers, 21 cm (8.2 inch) in width

How it started

I am a Dash enthusiast, just like you and I wanted to buy some Dash-Stickers, so i can decorate my stuff, my bike for example.
The problem was that i could not find any store to buy some of those. The only thing found was an old advertisement for t-shirts. But even this seemed outdated because they asked Dash worth of 100$ and more for 1 T-Shirt. I guess they did not recalculate the price after Dash's price change.

So i were basically stuck.
I guess there are more people like me out there, so that's the reason i opened this store.
There is only 1 Product at the moment, but i will extend the assortment. This is just the beginning.

Thank you for helping to promote the awesome features of Dash.

We ship worldwide!